A Conflict of Interest in SEO

Conflict of Interest.fw
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a highly-competitive field with a number of companies trying to gather as much business as possible. In a race to gain business, many of these companies do not think of the ethical consequences that carrying too many clients at once can create. Say there is a plumber in Boulder, Colorado and he decides to hire a company to take over his SEO and Content Marketing, his goal being to raise his Google rankings and obtain the highest possible search-engine results. This plumber signs a one-year contract with a big SEO Company and they begin their work.

 At first he is fairly pleased, but after a few weeks, his rank stalls on the second page of Google results. After a few weeks of no vertical movement, this plumber decides to do some research into what marketing firm his competitors on the first page are using, and to his dismay, he discovers that many of them are using the same marketing firm that he just signed a contract with. When he goes in and discusses this with his SEO Company, they tell him that they cannot let him out of his contract, but they can upgrade his SEO package from the $2,000 a month package to the $3,000 a month package. They tell him that his competitors on the first page of Google results are currently on the $2,500 a month plan, and if this plumber goes with a higher package, the SEO company can guarantee him the top spot on Google. Overlooking the fact that there is no such thing as a guarantee in Google rankings, this plumber is now stuck. He can either shell out $1,000 more a month and try to capture that number one spot, or he can keep his current plan and continue to lose business to his competitors.

Sadly, this situation occurs far too often in the field of SEO and Content Marketing. Many of today’s SEO companies are so concerned with how many clients they can get, that they don’t take the time to think about how many clients they can effectively represent. It is important that business owners guard themselves from this by making sure that whatever SEO company they choose includes an exclusivity clause in their contract or deal. Most, if not all reputable SEO companies will have no problem guaranteeing their clients keyword exclusivity, and if the company gets weird or uncomfortable with this concept, then business owners should not engage in business with them. Companies that take on multiple local clients with the same keywords and location are only interested in making money for themselves. Business owners would be far better off working with a reputable local company that can guarantee exclusivity rather than one that is trying to work for as many clients as possible without thinking of whether or not those clients are in competition with one another.

If we apply this concept to the field of law, a lawyer would never be allowed to represent both the plaintiff and defendant in a case and then guarantee victory to whichever client is willing to pay more, and this practice should not be allowed in the field of SEO either. When a business owner employs a SEO company that can guarantee keyword exclusivity, he can rest easy knowing that this company will put their all into making him the top rank in the search engines because he is the only client that they have in that particular field and location. Companies such as this will be highly-motivated to do the best job possible to make this business owner happy, so he can refer their company to his friends and contacts in unrelated fields. Local SEO agencies thrive on word of mouth referrals, and they tend to be far better companies to work with than the massive firms out there that have so many clients that they are not concerned with whether you were pleased or upset with the job they did.

At Fringe Digital Marketing Agency, we never require a contract for our SEO campaigns, and we guarantee keyword exclusivity to every client that we work with. When you choose Fringe, you get a company that will give you their full attention and focus without any ulterior motives. Our clients never have to worry about our commitment to their campaigns as we provide each client with a highly-qualified team that is dedicated to ensuring a stellar campaign and top-notch search rankings. This exclusivity not only allows our clients to rest easy, but it allows us to be very selective with the companies that we choose to market for. Nothing is certain in the field of SEO, and It is in our best interest to work only with clients that we know we can do great things for. These clients will be the only ones that we have in their particular field and market, so it is important that we make them the best. Being chosen by Fringe for SEO work is a vote of confidence by us; it says that you have a great product or service, and we know we can meet or exceed the goals you have set out for your online campaign. There are no guarantees in this ever-changing Google search world, and any SEO company that guarantees you a top search ranking is scamming you and should be avoided like the plague. But at Fringe, we can provide a guarantee that we will stay on top of all changes and developments in SEO and Content Marketing, and we will dedicate ourselves to developing the most-effective campaign for you and your business. Get started today by calling (503) 766-5993 to receive a free keyword analysis for your company.