A Guide to Marketing: Not All Strategies Are Created Equal

Stand out from the crowd.fwEvery industry is unique and each business should be treated that way by their digital marketing agency.  It’s crazy that so many SEO companies apply their cookie cutter campaign strategies to every client as if they are the same.

So why DO most SEO and content marketing agencies offer the same strategy for every client?
Shouldn’t each campaign be specific to my business and target demographics?

Yes, you’re absolutely correct in asking these questions.

SEO companies that use the same strategy for every client do so because they’re being lazy.  They’re being inefficient and wasting your company’s time and money.  Your marketing campaign should fit your business like a tailored suit, don’t settle for any less!    Let’s take a look at a couple examples of unique industries and see how each one should approach online marketing to reach their desired audience.

Real Estate Agent:

Let’s face it, real estate agents are a dime a dozen.  Their demographic is basically anyone who wants to buy or sell a home in their local area.  So really anyone could become a customer sooner or later.

A real estate agent’s greatest asset is going to be social media platforms that facilitate networking and connecting with real people.  Building out a website and optimizing it to be found on Google really should not be the #1 priority.

A buyer or seller is far more likely to do business with someone they have met or is friends with someone they know, rather than a stranger at the top of Google.  Getting out there (online and out the front door), shaking hands, and making yourself known as a real estate agent will generate a wide net of potential clients and possible referrals.

As success builds and the need to create a larger net is required, then pushing for the 1st page of Google to receive a cut of those leads can be a good way to increase clientele.

Chiropractic Care:

A Chiropractic Clinic is going to have a very different target market.  With this industry the marketing strategy must be a balanced mix of social media networking and a strong online brand presence.

Unlike the Real Estate Agent, a Chiropractor’s target demographic is most likely late middle aged and up or anyone that suffers from an accident injury of some kind.  Since the most business is going to come from the older portion of the population and social media is mainly used by the younger portion, it makes sense to assume that focusing heavily on social media is a poor choice.

Of course, having a presence in social media is still a good decision and odds are that those who know the Chiropractor will refer older family members to the clinic.  Not every Chiropractic clinic is going to be the same and thus spreading the clinic’s specialization through social networking is bound to bring in a moderate referral rate.

Building online authority on the foundation of an optimized website is the other half of marketing within this industry.  Having a well-made website and that will bring in fresh leads from the swarm of people that are searching for a chiropractor in their area every month is paramount for growth and success.

Networking and referrals is not enough for this niche.  However, referral promotions is also an effective tool that could be utilized in this industry.  Just something to keep in mind.

 Mattress Store:

Where do customers look to find a mattress store in their area?  Do they go on Facebook and ask their friends where they bought their mattress, or do they just type “mattress store” into a search engine?

My point exactly…

Those looking to buy a mattress will look at the first page of Google, Google Maps, or Google Places reviews.  This is where you want to be found for this type of retail industry.  Preferably the mattress store will be in the top 3 results.  Optimally having a robust Google Places page with dozens of sparkling 5 star reviews from satisfied customers.

Of course all of these Google offers will be for nothing if there isn’t an inviting and optimized website that customers will click to from Google.  This is the place to show off the great sales and promotions that make your retail store great and seals the deal with a mattress store googling client.

These are the best steps to take to rise above the other mattress stores in the area and have more customers walking through the door.  Social media is helpful for building authority and Google rank, but should not be look upon as a serious way to bring in customers.

In the end, each company should be analyzed in this way to pinpoint the most efficient use of time and money.  Find a digital marketing agency that understands the uniqueness of each client and places them in the best position for online success.