I Know How to do SEO, Why Should I Hire an Agency?


If you are asking yourself this question, you should also be asking yourself these questions. How valuable is my time? Besides SEO, what other aspects of my growing business do I need to focus on to keep it going? Do I have the time to stay up to date on how Google updates their algorithm? The theme behind these questions and the concept that is on every entrepreneur’s mind is opportunity cost. Is it worth your time to manage your own SEO when running a small business is already a more than full-time job? Take advantage of specialization! Hiring a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing to manage your SEO is far more cost-effective than doing it yourself. However, having an understanding of SEO is very important for asking the right questions of a digital marketing agency. You need to know whether they are providing you quality SEO and content marketing services. The big secret that most SEO companies don’t want you to know is that SEO is not rocket science. The fact is that SEO is not difficult to understand or execute. That being said, it is very, very time consuming. Just like the internet itself, SEO execution is an ever-changing and organic entity. Keeping up with Google and how they want SEO to be executed and implementing those commandments is a full-time job. If a small business owner has the time to run the business AND manage the SEO for the company, then they’re doing something wrong. Either you’re running your business as you should be while also implementing very ineffective, low time cost, and probably “black hat” SEO tactics OR you are not managing your business as the owner and you are essentially the SEO employee of your business. There are simply not enough hours in the day to give each activity the amount of time they require.

 So even if you could do the SEO for your company, should you? No, because doing so would hurt your business by taking too much of your valuable time. Educate yourself generally on SEO, find a digital marketing agency that is transparent and will work hard to give you quality and affordable SEO services, and allow them to promote the authority of your business online so that you can give your business the attention it needs.