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It’s hard to find a good Digital Marketing company to generate a consistantly high ROI on your marketing dollars. Right now, when people search for your type of business, they are finding your competitors. We specialize in leveraging the full spectrum of available tools and technologies to make you the obvious choice when people are searching for your industry online.

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NW Injury & Rehab

Originally our business, Northwest Injury and Rehab Center, was build strictly on word-of-mouth referals, and satisfied patients referring their friends and family. However over the years we’ve begun to notice that there is a definite need for a strong web presence, so from that point we decided to hire a firm to help us gain that presence, and put our name in front of prospective new patients on the internet. After months and months of working with the internet company we were provided with various graphs and charts that were showing increased traffic, and our numbers to our site visits were increasing. However the phone calls were just not coming in, it was not translating to new patients, and the traffic numbers that they were showing, they just weren’t correlating, and at that time it became more of an expense than an investment. We needed to make a switch, and that’s when we found Fringe Digital Marketing.

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Long term success online requires careful planning in the beginning. Lasting profits from a business website come from 3 things:

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These are the 3 areas that FRINGE specializes in. At our core, we make our customers stand out from their competition. That can mean different things to different types of businesses, and because of this we do not have a one-for-all formula, instead we learn about your business, it’s focus and where you want to take it. We develop a campaign that will pave a path to the fast results possible.

We can accomplish these results for our clients because of our fantastic team. Each person brings a unique and specialized skill set to compliment overall campaign. Get to know them a little bit here.

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