Solving the QR Code Problem

SmartQR - Fringe 3
Most businesses today have either heard of or are using QR codes in their marketing. The QR, or Quick Response code was originally developed by the Japanese auto industry. It has since found its way into many types of businesses and purposes in the US. As a marketing tool, the two dimensional code can be printed on any format and is generally used to promote and provide additional information on a specific product without cluttering marketing campaigns with too much verbiage. Any consumer with a smart phone can receive information within seconds by simply scanning the QR code printed on the advertisement.

How is this a problem, you ask? Since 2005, when QR codes were developed, there has been little change in its technology. The original QR code was built to direct consumers to a website via a smart phone. The idea is brilliant, however, not all businesses today have websites that are mobile friendly. As more businesses use QR codes in their marketing, the inherent problem with the QR code is coming to light. The problem comes from the QR code’s inability to change; it is a static, printed code that does one thing every time. Here is an example of how this plays out in the real world.

A small business owner will print 2,000 business cards using a QR code to direct people to his website only to find out that his website is not mobile friendly. His business prospects and potential clients will have a difficult time viewing his site from their mobile phones which does not maximize the benefits of using a QR code. Eventually, the business owner will have to find a company to build him a mobile site , create a new QR code directing to his now mobile friendly website, and re-print another 2,000 business cards with the new QR code. This has now become an expensive and inefficient problem for this small business owner.

Fortunately, software developers are working on the best way to solve this issue. While there are some companies that offer band-aid fixes, businesses could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year by using a “Smart” QR code. A Smart QR code allows a business to make adjustments to changing needs and circumstances of a campaign and direct potential customers to the most relevant content. This means that once your QR codes have been printed and handed out, that collateral will never be out-of-date. Fringe Digital Marketing Agency has developed a web based Smart QR code system that is free to use. This simple system allows users to generate, print, and save their Smart QR codes all in one dashboard. For the first time since 2005, QR codes hold increasing possibilities for smarter marketing campaigns.